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Located in Edmonton Alberta, BD & K INDUSTRIES is the Canadian Representative for W.L. Walker Co. Inc. With 20+ years experience in the oil & gas industry, BD & K INDUSTRIES provides customers with quality products and services. BD & K INDUSTRIES follows the same tradition of W. L. Walker Co. Inc. out of Tulsa, Oklahoma showcasing the W.L. Walker line of quality Sampling & Measurement equipment.

Products include: Hand Centrifuges, Portable Centrifuges, 12V or 115V Electric Centrifuges, CSA & Explosion Proof Electric Centrifuges, Non-heated, Heated Centrifuges, Quality Glass Centrifuge Tubes in 12.5ml, Short Cone, Pear Shaped, Plastic or Glass Cylinders, API and ASTM Thermo Hydrometers, Digital Thermometers, Lufkin Gauging Tapes & Plumb Bobs, Tulsa Oil Thief (Original makers) & Samplers, to Kolor Kut Gasoline and Water Gauging Pastes, Sampling Bottles and many other accessories.

Also stock: Chloride Quantabs, PH Paper, Salinity Refractometers, Oil Sample Heaters, 12V & 115V, Cylinder Brushes, Knockout Eye Dropper, Pipettes, Beakers, Safe-T-Check Port Hole and soon to come is many other accessories to compliment the testing and measurement products that we now carry.

BD & K Industries Ltd. is also an authorized Distributor of Truflare and CIL/Orion Signal Flares and accessories. We carry a large stock of Pen Flares, Center Fire or Rim Fire, Comet Flares, 12 Gauge Red Flares and 12 Gauge White Flares, 15mm and 12 Gauge Bearbangers, Orion Launchers, Emergency Alert Kits and accessories.

In partnership with W.L. Walker Co. Inc., BD & K Industries continues to add to its product line and services.

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